Our R&D objectives

Our R&D programme encompasses a range of different types of projects, including Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) and partnerships.

These projects cover four main objectives:
  1. Ensure ever safer operations.
  2. Care for the environment.
  3. Make our operations as efficient as possible.
  4. Expand our technical frontiers.

Teaming up for innovation

On the local level, innovation often emerges from co-operation between ENGIE E&P International affiliates and small technology companies with whom we work. In this way, ENGIE partnered with French company Osead Hydrocarbon Technology to develop an innovative produced water treatment technology. As a further example of our joint efforts with tech firms, our Norwegian affiliate collaborated with biotechnology company Biotagard on a new procedure that uses tiny molluscs as biological sensors to measure the water quality around our platforms.

Innovation initiatives

To ensure the successful development of our projects, we are implementing a number of key innovation initiatives:

  • Unconventional gas
    Our tight gas expertise is one that is well recognised in the oil and gas sectors. ENGIE works to enhance the well productivity of tight gas fields and extend its experience to other non-conventional plays such as coalbed methane (CBM). Meanwhile, we are currently expanding our shale gas know-how to develop our future capabilities in this area.
  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
    We are one of the first operators to have stored CO2 in Europe: since 2004, we have been injecting CO2 into the K12B depleted gas field offshore Netherlands. Several field studies have been performed to implement large scale CO2 transport and storage in Germany, Netherlands, Algeria and France, both in depleted gas fields and saline aquifers. We are also a partner of Snøhvit’s CO2 injection in Norway. The ENGIE group is also present in the whole CCS chain including CO2 capture, transport, storage and CO2 re-use options as a highly internationally recognized know-how reference actor and operator.
  • Sustainable Development approach to develop new technical frontiers
    We actively develop cutting-edge technologies to address new E&P challenges (deep water, Arctic environment) as well as improve our efficiency in daily operations to limit environmental footprint (produced water treatment and recycling).

The environment represents an enormous opportunity and incentive to innovate.

It pushes us to be more imaginative and to design solutions that offer high performance and low costs. A commitment to respecting the environment, along with the ability to demonstrate this commitment, is necessary for continuing our exploration-production activities, as this is increasingly required in order to obtain licences and work authorisation. Local populations, authorities and our teams are increasingly sensitive to these questions. For example, ENGIE E&P International opted to use a platform equipped with a dynamic positioning system instead of the traditional anchored platform for drilling in the North Sea. This avoids the damage anchors can cause to the sensitive seafloors, especially those containing cold-water coral.