Pursuing the Group’s ambitious objectives

ENGIE E&P International signed with its representative trade-unions an Agreement for Gender equality for a three years period from 2013 to 2016, following the ENGIE group ambitions in this matter.

By 2015, women will comprise: 

  • 1 out of every 3 nominated Managing Directors,
  • 35% of employees identified as ‘full-potential’,
  • 25% of executives,
  • 30% of new recruits. 

The agreement aims to achieve gender equality by promoting equal opportunities and equal treatment. In this way, it encourages diversity at all levels and in social dialogue. This applies to all HR processes: recruiting, career development, salary, access to management positions and personnel representation bodies, and more.

The objectives of the agreement rely on several areas of action. For example, many communication activities have been put in place within ENGIE E&P International in order to change mentalities and fight against gender stereotypes.

Within recruitment, ENGIE E&P International wants to reduce stereotypes linked to certain positions and tries to invite to the interviews a minima one woman (equally qualified) in the positions where men are in majority.

The agreement also contributes to prevent from pay differentials between men and women and helps managing work-family conflicts by giving access to childcare facilities and by encouraging fathers to fully participate to their familial responsibilities.

Women In Networking (WIN)

Launched in 2008 by the Group, Women in Networking (WIN) is a network for discussion, sharing and professional support among the women of ENGIE. 
ENGIE E&P International encourages the development of the network within its workforce. WIN has several objectives:

  • Weave ties between women,
  • Strengthen their collective value,
  • Enable women to assert their leadership,
  • Create dialogue on key business issues,
  • Contribute to the Group’s development.

The network has been expanding through cooption and outreach. Today, there are more than 55 groups with nearly 935 women involved, motivated to advance gender diversity in the Group.