• Review the current state of control of HSE issues which has been analysed with operational personnel and experts.
  • Rank priorities for improvement.
  • Commit to HSE objectives and programmes.

Our HSE assessments and objectives include health, safety and environmental assessments, legal reviews, monitoring targets and objectives and HSE specific programs.

Environmental assessment

Our HSE experts assess the environmental impacts of our activities, reporting them in:

  • Baseline surveys and other studies.
  • Environmental impact assessments.
  • Analysis of monitored environmental data and other environmental Management checks described in the HSE Management System.
These evaluations form the basis of our environmental objectives and programmes, including: 
  • Better tracking of emissions, discharges, hazardous wastes and oil spills.
  • New protection and emergency response measures.
  • Operational changes, etc.

Health assessment

To assess personnel health risks, we apply industry best practices and expertise from healthcare professionals.

Our evaluations help us improve our programmes for health and the prevention of occupational diseases:
  • Health awareness: health advice based on lifestyle, including confidential rehabilitation programmes.
  • Management of chemical risks at work: maintaining a list of authorised products.
  • Health support: a network of local facilities that provide medical care.
  • Health monitoring: medical testing tracked in a confidential database.
  • Health in the workplace: health-promoting protocol in the workplace (vaccinations, well-being at work, preventing musculoskeletal disorders, drug and alcohol tests).

Safety assessment

ENGIE  E&P International’s HSE specialists assess safety risks related to our activities using the very best industry methods:
  • Job safety analysis for operations.
  • Hazard identification and hazard and operability (HAZOP) analysis for technical systems and production.
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment.
  • Anomaly, near-miss, accident and incident analysis.
  • Audits. 
Using these methods, we regularly assess and control and prevention measures designed to:
  • Prevent energy hazards from causing harm.
  • Regain control of any energy hazard that has escaped the control measures.
Our evaluations form the basis of safety objectives and programmes to improve:
  • Prevention and mitigation measures for specific activities.
  • Training to develop workforce and Management skills.
  • Operational efficiency.

Legal and other requirements

All applicable local, national, and international laws and regulations, in addition to Corporate requirements, will be complied with for all activities carried out under ENGIE E&P International leadership.

The evaluation of compliance with regulatory HSE requirements is carried out with a:
  • System to monitor changes in legislation in the HSE domain.
  • Program to keep HSE requirements up to date.
  • Procedure to integrate the requirements into the HSE Management System.
  • Compliance audit.

This forms the basis for HSE objectives and programmes to satisfy the legal and other requirements.

Objectives and targets

For all of our activities, ENGIE E&P International Management agree upon HSE objectives and targets to gain better control over HSE issues.

In order to decrease the risks to a level as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP), the HSE objectives must be based on the evaluation of:
  • Environmental aspects.
  • Health issues.
  • Safety risks.
  • Legal and other requirements.
HSE objectives must be:
  • Precise, measurable, defined in time.
  • Limited in number after priority ranking.
  • Written, contracted, supported by action plans.
  • Agreed with top and line Management and results will be reviewed in the Managers appreciation and reward program.
HSE objectives must address the improvement of:
  • Technical features and procedures making up the prevention and mitigation measures.
  • Elements of the HSE Management System.


HSE programs are defined to ensure the achievement of objectives and targets for all activities carried out under the leadership of ENGIE E&P International Management. As early as possible in any given project, we define an action plan in accordance with requirements and designed to achieve our HSE objectives.