Applying the Group’s Ethics and Compliance Policy

Ethics can be defined as a practical application of morally acceptable – or value-based – practices in a given situation. Compliance refers to the set of systems put into practice in order to conform to the required standard of ethical behaviour. As such, ethics and compliance complement one another. We receive guidance from the Group’s Ethics and Compliance Policy. The policy is based on four principles of action:

  • Act in accordance with laws and regulations
    In all circumstances, we observe international, federal, national and local laws, as well as the professional codes of practice applicable to our activities.
  • Consolidate a culture of integrity
    By emphasising integrity, the Group aims to eliminate any conflicts between personal and Group interests. Integrity within the Group ensures a climate of trust and acts as a shield against corrupt practices.

The integrity frame of reference

To address a global environment that is increasingly susceptible to the risk of fraud and corruption, the ENGIE Executive Committee adopted the Integrity Frame of Reference in July 2010. Part of the Group’s Ethics Policy, the Integrity Frame of Reference was designed for Managers, who must see to it that their teams apply the principle of integrity. In this way, the Frame of Reference is used as a management performance tool. On a broader level, it also concerns every Group employee, whose individual behaviour contributes to the overall expression of integrity promoted by ENGIE.

  • Behave fairly and honestly
    We take a scrupulous approach to all of our work. Whenever we communicate, within the company or externally, we do so in good faith and in a constructive spirit. We always strive to provide genuine, accurate and complete information.

Transparency from to A to Z 

The Group makes no exceptions when it comes to corruption. Transparency is a must, and we ensure it as early on as a project’s negotiation phase. ENGIE E&P International is also an active member of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. As such, we submit our tax, sales and capital expenditure numbers for publication on the Group’s web page dedicated to EITI. To maintain transparency and ethical regulations in general, each affiliate has its own ethics officer.

  • Respect others
    This principle particularly applies to the respect for the rights of individuals, for their dignity and their differences, as well as a respect for different cultures. It also applies to tangible and intangible goods that belong to others.

Our policy currently provides us with a strong ethics and compliance foundation for our business. We regularly review our E&C Policy according to new regulations, risks and technologies. As a result, we can be confident that our Ethics and Compliance Policy will continue to provide excellent guidance into the future.