ENGIE E&P International conducts its production and exploration activities in 14 countries:

  • Europe: Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Norway.
  • Africa: Algeria, Egypt and Libya
  • Middle East: Qatar
  • Asia: Azerbaijan
  • Asia-Pacific: Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Arctic: Norway
  • Latin America: Brazil

3 major operated ongoing projects:

  • Cygnus in the UK: first gas in early 2016
  • Touat in Algeria: first gas in 2017
  • Römerberg in Germany: production started in 2008


We operate in 8 countries: Algeria, Australia, Egypt, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Qatar and the United Kingdom.

We are producing in 5 countries: Egypt, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

ENGIE E&P International holds 346 licences, 56% of which we operate.   


  • Exploration well success rate: 56% in 2014
  • Discoveries following exploration activity: 67 Mboe in 2014 

2014 – ENGIE E&P International AT A GLANCE

GDF SUEZ E&P International AT A GLANCE