Surmounting technical challenges

With 167 wells drilled in the past decade, we have proven experatise in complex well design, High Pressure/High Temperature (HP/HT) test procedures, stimulation technologies, well servicing, workover, well abandonment and more. We apply our knowledge as an active partner and operator both onshore (Algeria, Egypt, France and Germany) and offshore (Australia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Norway, Qatar and the United Kingdom).

Thanks to our teams’ experience, we have successfully tackled a range of technical challenges:

  • Drilling a HP/HT well in extreme weather conditions: In 2009, we drilled our first offshore exploration HP/HT well (Tesla) in the UK sector of the North Sea. The well is considered best-in-class in its category1.   
  • Drilling a complex high-pressure (HP) well in the Nile Delta: In 2010, we successfully drilled a complex HP well in Egypt’s Nile Delta. The challenge: eight casing strings, including an expandable liner, were required to reach the well’s total depth.
  • Drilling 46 km in 884 days: In 2010, we drilled 19 wells as an operator, equivalent to 46 km in 884 days. No injuries to personnel were reported during these operations.
  • Employing the most modern drilling unit: In 2009 and 2011 in Norway, we used one of the most modern drilling units (Aker Barents, sixth generation semi-submersible) to drill exploration wells.

1 Rushmore database.


The Aberdeen Drilling Excellence Centre (ADEC)

Located in Scotland and established in 2005, the Aberdeen Drilling Excellence Centre (ADEC) plays a key role in maintaining corporate safety and quality assurance. It employs experts that work with each GDF SUEZ E&P International affiliate on a day-to-day basis to ensure that drilling operations are performed safely and effectively.

ADEC accomplishes this by establishing rules and procedures that are applied to ensure maximum safety at drilling sites. Affiliates must adhere to drilling and completion rules or request dispensation from ADEC, based on mitigation measures they put in place. ADEC works together with all of GDF SUEZ E&P International affiliates to analyse drilling and completion data, ensuring that all engineering and associated safety aspects are applied.


Our eight ADEC member experts have 200 combined years of combined experience.

Quality assurance for corporate drilling and completion is a process that requires close co-operation between ADEC and affiliates. It entails constant, comprehensive information exchange provided by a real-time centre (RTC). ADEC is compiling a database of all daily reports from its most critical wells, and it meets regularly with Managers and engineers from the affiliates. Together they develop solutions and continually relay information to top-level Management.

Proximity is another key dimension of ADEC’s work: its experts travel to Norway, Egypt and other locations to make onsite visits to affiliate offices where they advise or help to prepare drilling campaigns.

ADEC not only covers engineering but operations as well. Experts at the centre can act as or work with Managers, drilling superintendents and engineers throughout the course of development and operation. ADEC also performs peer review with GDF SUEZ E&P International affiliates and partnership operations through participation in technical meetings worldwide.

A varied portfolio of oil & gas fields

We are producing gas from fields in Egypt, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom, and oil from fields in Egypt, Germany, and Norway. We have developed specific expertise adapted to these different types of reservoirs and locations, as well as associated methodologies to optimise their assessment, development and operations.

We cover the entire field life cycle: development, production and abandonment, including the delicate task of extending the life of fields that are almost depleted. Our reservoir and operations teams have gained significant experience in the following technology:

  • Technology reducing permeability of water in gas wells;
  • Drilling technology and high-tech finishing of gas wells;
  • Stimulation technologies;
  • Water treatment and injection;
  • Subsea installations;
  • Capture and injection of CO2.
Working as both operator and partner

As an operator, our projects follow a Stage-Gate® process, starting with appraisal, Concept Select, Concept Define, Front-End Engineering Design and execution. This process ensures that the field will be developed in a way that maximises safety, sustainability and profitability, and that the project will be delivered safely, on time and on budget. We also organise independent, cross-disciplinary peer reviews at each phase, which help determine whether to proceed with the project or recycle it. As an operator, we have applied these processes to several major projects:

  • GDF SUEZ E&P Norge AS has operated the Gjøa production facilities (semi-sub large platform with subsea wells) since November 2010.
  • GDF SUEZ E&P UK Ltd is the operator for developing the Cygnus and Juliet fields, with a first gas in early 2016 and january 2014.
  • Groupement TouatGaz is the operator for developing the Touat field (Algeria), where first gas is forecasted for early 2017.

We have also demonstrated an active commitment to non-operated fields, cooperating closely with operators and other partners to anticipate and solve problems as well as define an optimal development strategy.

Covering all subsurface disciplines

We have developed full subsurface expertise to carry out our exploration, appraisal, development and production activities. We perform subsurface studies with cross-disciplinary teams including geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists and reservoir engineers.


Our geophysical expertise covers:

  • Seismic 2D or 3D acquisition design, acquisition follow-up, processing and post-processing;
  • Seismic interpretation, inversion methods (Jason and Hampson-Russell);
  • The use of commercial tools such as PetrelTM, Charisma/GeoFrameTM and Kingdom SuiteTM;
  • Electromagnetic and gravimetric surveys.

Our geological expertise covers:

  • Petroleum system characterisation;
  • Basin modelling;
  • Lead/prospect generation to detailed geomodelling;
  • The most up-to-date industry software as well as specific R&D tools such as GOCADTM, PetrelTM, FRACATM and FLUMYTM.

Our dedicated wellsite geologists design well geology and data-acquisition programmes (logging, coring, sampling and testing), and supervise drilling operations. We maintain, share and develop geological expertise through R&D and training, with a strong emphasis on field trips.


Our petrophysical expertise covers:

  • A strong expertise in data acquisition tools;
  • Log interpretation in various environments;
  • Special Core Analysis (SCAL).  

We apply our SCAL expertise to tight gas projects such as Algeria’s Ordovician plays and the low-permeability Rotliegend reservoirs in Germany and the North Sea. For underground gas storage projects, we use cap rock characterisation to determine maximum operating pressure and storage integrity.

Reservoir engineering

Our reservoir engineering expertise covers:

  • The development of numerical reservoir models;
  • The use of industry simulators (Petex SuiteTM, EclipseTM, SaphirTM, etc.);
  • Well test interpretation.

We have developed our own 3D simulator for storage activity, which is one of the first to describe reservoir flow on a local and regional scale.